2018 :: Day One


Facing upright. One foot in front of the other. Breathe in… breathe out. 2018 is underway and I’m going to soak in every moment. 2017 carried some serious gut punches but I am here… still standing. Everyday I want to journal a moment from that day because all the while, my memory just focusing on a couple of disastrous events and completely misses the moments that really define me. So here is day one.

All the boys have talked about over the weekend was doing Ginger Bread houses. So we sat in the basement of our family’s home and gathered around a fire and a desk while we scrapped together the mess of the houses as the fell apart and came back together. Fell apart… made a mess… came back together. At one point, I snapped a photo of Keagan… eating the glue, er, icing. He laughed hysterically while I snapped the photo and squealed at him cause he knew he was busted.

As the ginger bread houses fell apart… we would rebuild them. Only for the $4.00 clearance value to reveal itself as they fell apart again, however, it just showed me a lesson much needed again. The mess that we make doesn’t last. Whether it’s ginger bread house building or life, in general. We gather around each other and create an absolute mess… try to repair it somewhat but at the end of the day it’s just that. It’s the mess we made and the people we made it with. Moving forward, I will be more focused on who is in my mess rather than how my mess defines my life or esteem.

We will work forward. We will steal some icing and love every minute of it. Welcome to my journal. I hope you enjoy.

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