2018 :: Day Five


About four years ago, Crissy was “late”. Pregnancy was a very likelihood scenario giving the timeline and what we knew about ovulation and fertility and so on… We sat on the bed of our home and wept. Not tears of joy. Tears of sorrow. Tears of pain. We just couldn’t imagine another baby. We couldn’t do it. The businesses were going full steam. Our boys were out of diapers and parenting by our accounts, were getting easier. There was just no way we could do diapers again and all the difficulty that surrounded it. So we wept. We prayed that it wasn’t true. We hoped we weren’t pregnant. A few days after this moment, we found out that she wasn’t pregnant. The relief was immeasurable. We didn’t have time for another kid.

Fast forward to 2018, today, Day Five. We sliced the cake open to a pink, strawberry filling to reveal that Harper Belle Hensley will making this Hensley family a Party of Five. You know, when the preacher man says that Gods ways are higher than our ways… His thoughts are higher than our thoughts… His plans are higher than our plans… well… I’m living it now.

Today, I couldn’t be more excited about having our own little girl. It makes it not being as awkward around strangers when I explain to them that Caroline, The Everett’s little girl, is actually my daughter. Losing my businesses in 2017 was an absolute nightmare for me but if it was to create a capacity in my life to raise my boys and add some pink bows in the mix, I’ll take it all over again.

Thank you for joining me in my journal.

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