2018 :: Day Eight


Today, we celebrated my big, little buddy’s 9th birthday. The most important things for my agenda today were taking him to his most requested spot TGI Fridays, for the endless apps, and to get his drums working. As I wired up the drums for him, placed the headset on him, kicked the floor drum, he lit up!

Those drums may not be a big deal to most but they are the epitome of my fatherhood. I bought them used off Facebook from a friend’s posting. We wrapped up a picture of them and gave the picture to Keagan for his EIGHTH birthday. It took a few weeks to pick them up. We set them in the garage for a few more weeks. Then they got moved to storage for a few more months. He’d ask about them every now and then. He’d take our explanation of how it’s tough to get them. We didn’t have any room for them. Etc. He’s not a complainer. He usually just goes with the flow.

Those drums weren’t ever convenient for me. In fact, they were just a hassle. In 2017, my priorities fell to the point of convenience. If it was easy, I could make it happen. If it needed to happen, then I had someone on staff or knew a guy.

That ends for me, now.

I’m focusing on my kiddos and my bride and won’t lose scope of that again. I’ve neglected them in the pursuit of trying to make an easier life for them yet only hindering my relationship with them. Moving forward, I’m continually thankful for the perspective that I’ve been given and the opportunity to be a good husband and an awesome dad.