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2018 :: Day Eight


Today, we celebrated my big, little buddy’s 9th birthday. The most important things for my agenda today were taking him to his most requested spot TGI Fridays, for the endless apps, and to get his drums working. As I wired up the drums for him, placed the headset on him, kicked the floor drum…(Read More)

2018 :: Day Seven


We celebrated such a fun time with friends and family for Keagan’s jump party at Sevier Air. In all there were about 25 kiddos and 30 adults. So thankful for the ones who rally around my little family and love on us…(Read More)

2018 :: Day Six


At the age of of 14 thru 16 years old, I didn’t speak to this woman, pictured here. In fact, I wanted nothing to do with her for the rest of my life. I even told her, multiple times, she was dead to me. I ran away from her house and never looked back…(Read More)